This week on the ATP Tennis Podcast…

PAUL HAARHUIS ON THE WORLDWIDE NATURE OF THE SPORT – “Tennis is doing really well internationally, worldwide. If you look at the amount of countries that play it, it’s the second biggest sport in the world when it comes to viewer average and viewer interest in the game. So that means you’re heading in the right direction.”

CEDRIC PIOLINE ON INNOVATIONS AT THE ROLEX PARIS MASTERS – “There are several things, like we have an entrance show with tunnel lights and music, and the music is the decision of the fans through the app. They choose which music they would like along with the colours, so I think it’s very interesting and very interactive.”

NICK KYRGIOS ON ENTERTAINMENT – “You look at the NBA side of things, when people arrive to the stadium, arrive to practice, what they leave in. It kind of gives the fans an idea of what type of personality they are, and you can kind of relate to those players.”

IVAN LJUBICIC ON DIFFERENT FORMATS – “I’m a huge chess fan and chess over the last five to 10 years has become popular because they introduced faster speed moves, different formats. Why this is interesting is that it has shown that you can introduce the faster formats without damaging the classic ones.”

BRAD STINE ON COURT SIZE AND RACQUETS – “The court doesn’t change and the physics of what you can do is limiting, so if there are any changes, again it goes back to the racquets and the racquet technology.”

– Podcast presented by Chris Bowers