Tennis Class Schedule


  • The calendar below is not applicable to public holiday. Public holiday is off.
  • X = Unavailable
  • G2 = Group Class of Two (availability depends, please enquire if interested)
  • Empty = Available
  • ? = Generally unavailable, but could enquire if really not option.
  • Lighting fee of HK$ 50 required for sessions after 6pm starting from September to early May next year.
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9-10am           X X
10-11am           X X
11-12pm           X X
12-2pm Sun too strong, not recommended but could be arranged.
2-3pm           X X
3-4pm           X X
4-5pm     X G2   X X
5-6pm X X X X   X X
6-7pm X     X   X X
7-8pm       X X X X
8-9pm       X X X X
9-10pm X     X X X X