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  • Change of Entrance in Shopping Mall to Tennis Court

    The tennis court is inside the club house of Sunshine City. You can arrive at the shopping mall (now renamed as MOSTtown) via MTR Ma On Shan station. Just at the entrance of MTR station (correct entrance!), turn left and within minute of walk you’ll find CRcare as photo, the entrance is at the left […]

  • 駕駛和交通路線

    MTR: 馬鞍山站新港城出口左轉到住客電梯上P平臺 巴士:任何往馬鞍山區有停以下站的車,包括海柏花園,馬鞍山總站。下車到上述(1)的馬鐵站出口再找到P平臺的電梯。3.駕車:按下圖到Car Park入口。 ONE lift in car park ( As indicated in the diagram, the lift position exactly below Club House ) , press “P” to the Podium level that is the entrance to Club House of Sunshine City. Access card is required. (L1 is the car park area for guest) (Podium is equal to […]