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  • 馬鞍山學生網球訓練班 – 初中級

    初中級網球訓練班馬鞍山 – 學生,青少年,兒童 馬鞍山,沙田,西貢,大埔 網球機 + 量化培訓 每小時 HKD 280 起 (連教練費用,網球,場租,免費使用網球機) Elementary and Intermediate Tennis Training for students in primary, secondary and universities. Suitable for living and studying in the districts of Ma On Shan, Shatin, Saigon, Taipo. Ball Feeding Machine + Quantitative Method Started from HKD 250 per Hour (coach fee, tennis, court fee,tennis ball feeding machine all inclusive) 費用:每小時 […]