Fast Track to Tennis for Beginner ( 6 Hours )


This short course is designed for tennis beginner who never touch the sports previously. The course is a 6 sessions with 1 hour each in which an all-rounded coverage to the sports. This course is suitable for those who want to try, experience and understand the sports effectively in a controlled timeframe before deciding a long-term engagement in the sports.

Suitable for Participants:

  • Student in vacation.
  • Adults who want understand tennis generally in a given time frame.

Course Content:

  • Forehand and backhand groundstroke
  • Volley
  • Serve and return
  • Movement on court
  • Game structure
  • Double and single play
  • Tennis equipment : tennis court, racquet, string
  • Safety, Code of Practice and dressing
  • Professional tennis tournament

Course Fee:

  • HK$ 1800 ( 6 sessions of 1 hour, individual, all inclusive, racquet will be provided )

Other Features:

  • Handouts will be provided

Comparison between Courses: