“Bwehhhh, it’s Andrey Rublev! Very easy!”

There’s no stumping Casper Ruud when it comes to guessing familiar noises heard on the ATP Tour. The Norwegian became the star of the show in the latest edition of ATP Uncovered’s Head-To-Head series. This week, the players faced off in a ‘Guess The Grunt’ challenge.

Ben Shelton revealed his thought process as he pinned Shapovalov’s grunt: “It’s short and there’s not really an accent to it.”


“It’s Denis [Shapovalov]?” said Shang Juncheng with a large smile across his face. “I didn’t even know he grunts! I should know that one, I’ve hit with him like a million times.”

Diego Schwartzman was quick to recognise a familiar sound. “Me, me, me!” But it wasn’t as easy to nail for Shelton, who revealed he had just practised with the Argentine 30 minutes before the guessing game.

Cameron Norrie, David Goffin, and Andrey Rublev were featured for a second time in the fun series. But how would they compare to their 2019 series debut?

Watch and listen so you too can put your knowledge of ATP Tour grunts to the test!

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