15m – Dynamic Warm-up:

  • Depends on level, hitters from service line to base line
  • Coach feed forehand & backhand
  • Focus on complete swings down the line

15m – Senior practice serve & children strength forehand & backhand rally

  • children play¬† green or orange balls

15m – Senior & children play volley

  • Sensor fed yellow balls
  • Children fed orange or green
  • Feedings from slow to fast, static to dynamic, forehand to backhand depends on progression

15m – Movement

  • Sensor play combination of strokes including forehand, backhand, approach & volleys
  • Start from slow to regular
  • Focus on the movement & keep ball on play (not powerful and accuracy)
  • Children play only forehand & backhand within short distance

 15m РOverhead smash

  • Child take a rest
  • Senior play smash from short swing to full, from low to high balls
  • Just hit on court and then to sides

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