Below the general guidelines for our tennis class, could be further discussed with your coach for adjustment.

Prepayment for tennis classes

  • Sorry but we will only arrange tennis class on prepayment of coach fee.
  • It is because tennis court should be reserved in advance and by payment to court management.
  • In general, reservation of court is done 7 days in advance.
  • And in Hong Kong all tennis court fee will be refunded by management.
  • It could be allowed to change court timeslot only when it is raining (or floor wet) at your reserved time-slot. This is normally entertained 1 hour before your booking.
  • Sorry but please be considerate about difficulties in running a break-even tennis coaching service.


  • Upon receipt your payment of certain number of sessions ( normally 4 sessions ), we will generate a class schedule for your reference.
  • Change of any session is welcome 7 days in advance ( or compromise another day e.g. 3 days, but please take your risk court would be not available in shorter period ).
  • It is advised to reserve the same timeslot weekly for your sessions. This is the commitment to yourself for training and do it well.

Absence from classes

  • Absence is allowed but please inform coach 7 days in advance before he reserves tennis court. In this case, the session will be postponed.
  • Sorry but for any reason, being limited by court booking, we will not accept sudden absence from tennis class (even sickness). In this case, the session is counted as done, your court fee paid for that session will be forfeited.
  • However, we have a way-out for first time absence that is compensate the court fee but keep coach fee.

Refund policy

  • We entertain refund of coach fee paid for unclaimed sessions.
  • Please raise your request before court booking, we will not ask reason.

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