Buying a new racket is a confusing task for most tennis lovers in particularly for beginners. You cannot try to use the new racket before buy while you cannot make sure the new racket suitable for you without play.

Here I try to share my experience.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are you going to play tennis long term or just trying? If long term, looking for the most expensive racquet ( around HK$ 1200 – HK$1800 ). One racquet can be used for over 10 years.
  2. Are you care about the cost? The price difference between usesable and professional level racquet is only $500 to $1200, just a few hundreds dollar. As said, one racquet can be used for over 10 years.

You should be curious how difference between expensive and cheap racquet. It is hard to mention but if any serious tennis players will buy good racquet. The feeling and performance are a big difference.

And having one of the best racquet will give you no reason to buy another one unless you want a new for personal interest ( not your need to playing better tennis ). For majority of players, the best kind of racquet can be used for over 10 years. New models are not necessarily better ( or even worst ).

So now if you decide to buy an expensive racquet, your choice is more visible. On the other hand, you’re still cautious, I would suggest you buy a cheaper one first and later if you keep playing tennis for years, you can consider an advanced one. For cheaper racquet, I would suggest go Decathlon, buy a racquet below HK$500 ( even $300 ). From my point of view, their racquet is not bad at this price range.

I personally have a primary preference that is the heavier the better. Take the heaviest one you can handle.

One direct solution is to borrow the same racket from friend if available. This definitely helpful.

If you cannot find the same model from friend, I suggest you can try an alternative strategy.

Double check the specification of your target, pay attention to a few parameters.

  • weight
  • length
  • balance point

Then you can check if your friends got a racket with similar specification. Try that.

You should care also other parameters when trying and take those into consideration for difference.

  • stiffness
  • brand
  • string

In case you are beginners, you’d better seek advise from people with more experience as they will know better how those things will make the difference and suggest according to your level of playing.

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