Tennis String Recommendation
Looking for help in selecting the right strings for your tennis racquet? The information can help you determine what is best for your tennis game. We have a great selection of tennis strings from Wilson, Gamma, Bow Brand, Tecnifibre and Prince.

Best Playability 

  • Babolat Team/Touch Natural Gut-Equals the power and feel of the most expensive natural gut without the high price. 
  • Wilson Natural Gut 16 or 17g- Best
  • Wilson Hollow Core 16
    Wilson Hollow Core 16 is an all new multifilament synthetic gut string that uses an air-filled HollowCore dual extrusion core for superb power and comfort. Triangle shaped hollow core has a rebounding effect for power, longer dwell time for control and a crisp, comfortable feel. 
  • Gamma TNT
    A classic bestseller that approaches the dynamic stiffness of natural gut. Makes an excellent game day synthetic string for big matches as well as a good daily player. 
    Less lively like Wilson NXT and Tecnifibre TrC. Plays stiffer than the others. The most durable of our Best Playability recommendations.
  • Wilson NXT / NXT Tour
    Wilson’s best. Less lively than Head Comfort Zone and Tecnifibre NRG2. Goes for the soft feel and the more even playability of control-oriented gut.
  • Tecnifibre NRG2 16 & Tecnifibre NRG2 17
    One of the most popular and lively power-oriented multifilament synthetics. Nearly indistinguishable from the finest power-oriented natural gut when both are fresh. Goes dead faster than the other Best Playability recommendations. Tops everything but natural gut while it’s alive. An excellent game day synthetic!
  • Tecnifibre X One Biphase 16 & 17
    X-One Biphase earned the highest Power rating of any string play tested by Racquet Sports Industry.  We think it’s the best soft string on the market, better than NRG.  Best tension maintenance of any multifilament string.
  • Head FXP 16 or 17
    A soft and responsive string that places an emphasis on power and comfort. Features a DuPont Synthetic 6 Pearl coating for increased durability. 

Best Balance of Playability and Durability 

  • Gamma TNT 15L
    More durable and less lively than thinner gauge TNT, but it still has TNT’s soft feel.
  • Babolat Duralast 16 or 17
    100% polyester monofilament string ideal for a hard-hitting players who play from the back of the court. Maximum durability!
  • Prince Topspin with Duraflex 15L
    Duraflex makes it tough. Textured outer coating adds spin capability. Plays stiff!
  • Wilson NXT Max 16L
    Thick for durability. Multifilament construction for soft feel.
  • Wilson Ultimate Duo
    High Performance Hybrid. Boasting amazing durability, coupled with optimal power and control, Wilson’s ultimate duo of the world’s best monofilament with the worlds best multifilament

Best Performance with High Durability 

  • Babolat Revenge 16 or 17-Do you want the best high-end polyester string on the market with the tension maintenance?
  • Luxilon Big Banger-Polyester base string, great tension maintain.
  • Tecnifibre Red Code-Extra Durable Power with Optimal Feel for the Hard Hitter!
  • Tecnifibre Black Code- A softer poly string, elastic polyester core, reducing shock and offering better playability than most polyester strings. Pentagonal shape for increased spin and feel. 
  • Babolat Hurricane Feel
  • Babolat RPM Blast- Used by Rafael Nadal. Ideal for big hitters looking for explosive spin and a powerful punch
  • Luxilon ALU 16ga-Used may of the top ATP pro’s including Andre Agassi
    More durable and less lively than thinner gauge TNT, but it still has TNT’s soft feel.
  • Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16L 
    Poly Plasma has almost no tension loss, excellent ball control, and is spin friendly. This is a great choice for the player seeking power, without sacrificing any durability.
  • Luxilon M2 Pro- The softest of all high-end polyester strings.
    combines all advantages of a multifilament and a monofilament string into a single string. Luxilon state that this is the first string to provides variable characteristics – control on hard strokes
  • Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 or 17
    Extreme Durability & Comfort. For competition players, looking for performance and resistance.
  • Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 or 17
    Max Spin & Power. Get the maximum power and spin out of your shots, supplies ample comfort to keep you hitting shots harder and with more spin longer than ever without fatigue.

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