Ladder exercises is one way to improve your tennis footwork. There are several ways to do this tennis conditioning drill and we are going to describe 3 of them in this article as described below.


To start with this tennis conditioning exercise, you have to assemble a rope ladder on the ground or you can simple draw a ladder on a hard court using any marking material like white chalk. Draw several rectangles with a dimension of 38 cm2 joining then together to create a ladder.


Single leg run – all you need to do here is run forward with your ball touching the ground instead of your whole foot. The left foot steps on the first step and the right foot step on the second step. In doing so, be sure not to catch any of you feet with the rope or with the chalk. Everybody is familiar with how to do execute this jumping rope exercise because it is a very old exercise. This exercise may be outdated, but it is a very good way to tone up all the muscles in your body and develop your footwork. If you have not done this exercise, it might be a bit difficult for you in the beginning but as you practice it every day it will just come naturally.


Double leg run – In this tennis footwork exercise, you have to step both your feet in all the steps with the left foot first followed by the right foot. You have to execute the exercise as if you are running, so do the steps as fast as you can.


Double side step – This footwork exercise can be done in the same manner as the single or double leg run, but instead of facing forward, you have to do it sideways.

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